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Safer Than Boxing

MMA Warpath III scrappers ready for Friday night fights

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Darwin Douglas holds up the belt for the title fight Friday for MMA Warpath III in Chilliwack.


he athletes have arrived in Chilliwack from all over the country to take part in the Warpath III Mixed Martial Arts slated for Friday December 2nd. Some came in from Whitehorse, Vancouver Island, Abbotsford and 7 or 8 of the athletes live in Chilliwack.


Referee Jason Williamson spoke with the Voice before beginning the weigh-ins, and said that certified referees are rare. He actually had to train in California under command there with the UFC.


“There’s not a lot in BC, but once you get certified through them, you’re on the web as a certified referee.”


The fighters will be using 6-ounce gloves and minimal safety gear, but Williamson admitted that some injuries do happen.


“Guys do get hurt, but no more than boxing, and they can always ‘tap out’ through submission,” he said. “With boxing you only have the option of being punched and I’ve seen several fights in a row with nobody getting hurt.”


Referee Jason Williamson briefs the fighters at Revolution Martial Arts Gym Thursday.


“If you look at the British Sports Journal of Medicine, they did a comparison of boxing and MMA and boxing has hundreds of deaths and MMA has only registered about 4 in the last 30-years,” explained Williamson. “They also show you the percentage of injuries which aren’t all head related like boxing which obviously brings concussion issues but overall, studies indicate that boxing is much harder on the athlete because generally they’ve got one target, that’s the head. MMA you have the whole body as well as submission.”


Williamson can’t wait for the matches Friday and anticipates an entertaining evening.


“Absolutely, every fight I’m looking forward to,” he said. “I referee for other fights in the province like in Trail, Vancouver and I’ve reff’ed on the island.”


Williamson briefed the fighters as they weighed-in telling them that they’re not perfect but will be watching out for their new fighters.


“We’re not infallible, we endeavour to do the best job we can in order to let you guys fight and give you guys a chance to fight back,” he said.


“I can guarantee you one thing, these are being fought under amateur rules, I will not let an amateur take the same beating I will a pro who has money on the line,” said Williamson adding that, “if you think I’m going to let you take a terrible beating where you can’t walk the next day, that’s not the goal. We always are a little bit safer with amateurs than we are with pros.”


Each class of amateur fighters on the cards will have to do at least one fight with their promotion before going for a title.


The title fight Friday is between Woodman and Deluerme.


The WarPath MMA fight events are organized by three local Chilliwack families with a vision to promote martial arts and support local amateur MMA athletes in their efforts to launch their professional MMA careers. 


WarPath MMA is regulated by Mixed Martial Arts British Columbia (MMABC), the regulating body for all amateur fight events in BC.


WarPath MMA is an all ages event and takes place at the Tzeachten Community Center on Promontory Road at 7pm.


Tickets are $35 for general admission and $75 for VIP (reserved seating; first four rows). Doors open at 6pm.  For tickets call 604-819-7040.


For more information visit


Revolution Martial Arts is located at 8030 Enterprise Drive in Chilliwack.



145 lbs. Title
TJ Woodman (3-0-0) vs. Cameron Deleurme (5-1-0)


145 lbs.
Sandy Bagg (3-1-0) vs. Russ McCumber (1-1-0)


170 lbs.
Cliff Schultz (1-0-0) vs. Kolten Higginbottom (0-2-0)


195 lbs.
Stefan Brynolffson (1-0-0)  vs. Nico Berardi  (0-0-0)


135 lbs.
Jamie Siraj (2-2-0) vs. Cory McCay (2-0-0)


135 lbs.
Scott Hebert (1-3-1) vs. Stewart Corkery (0-1-0)


165 lbs.
Miller Rogers (2-0-0) vs. Tory Harris (1-0-0)


155 lbs.
Ovi Spinu (0-0-0) vs. Andy  Padda (0-0-0)


170 lbs.
Jean Allard (0-4-0) vs. Jarrod Mamba (0-0-0)


125 lbs.
Taylor Shelley (0-1-0 vs. Dustin Parsons (0-0-0)


170 lbs.
Chris Berger (0-0-0) vs. TBA


155 lbs.
Depak Singh (0-0-0) vs. Stefan Mah (0-0-0)


170 lbs.
Brandon Wolkoski (2-0-0) vs. Christian Minando (0-0-0)


135 lbs.
Devin Gaipo (0-0-0) vs. TBA


135 lbs.
Tony Sahota (0-0-0) vs. Matt Gador (0-0-0)


145 lbs.
Riley Johnson (0-0-0) vs. Teen Gagan (0-0-0)


Muay Thai

235 lbs.
Jake Radinski (1-0-0) vs. Curtis Martens (0-0-0)



125 lbs.
Janine Arends (0-0-0)  vs. TBA



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