Wednesday December 14, 2011

BC Politics

Questions of Loyalty To Her Majesty

Chilliwack MLA John Les says NDP deeply rooted in Quebec

Released by Stephen Harris, BC Liberal Caucus


oday, the House of Commons passed Bill C20, giving BC six additional seats addressing historical over-representation by Quebec and under-representation by British Columbia in Ottawa.


The NDP voted against the bill, because it didn't maintain the democratic advantage the Quebec currently enjoys.

After spending a weekend celebrating their close ties to the NDP including holding a leadership debate and a featured address by the current leader of the NDP - Adrian Dix and the BC branch of the party should explain to British Columbians why his party is staunchly against enhancing British Columbia's role in confederation.

"The BC NDP are one-and-the-same as their federal counterparts and that means that the interests of British Columbians come second to Quebec," said Chilliwack MLA John Les. "It's not enough to say BC needs more seats, we need our fair share of seats. Today's vote demonstrates the NDP are now a Quebec-based party and Adrian Dix and the BC NDP are muzzled when it comes to advocating for BC."

The BC Liberal Government is a free-enterprise coalition and supported Bill C20 to give British Columbians a fairer level of federal representation.



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