Sunday December 11, 2011


Reflections of Love

The Hospice Society tree is a place for your memories

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The Chilliwack Hospice memorial tree as it looked Saturday at Minter's Country Store.


hen someone loses a loved one, memories of the person who passed away often come flooding back over the Christmas holidays.

There are different ways and customs people have to share their memories. One local tradition comes from the Chilliwack Hospice Society who each year set out at special tree at Minter’s Country Store on Young Rd. where for a small donation a paper butterfly ornament with a loved one’s name on it can be hung on it.

The Society has a butterfly as part of their logo because the creatures have long been revered as a symbol of transition of soul and the “freed spirit”.

Coletta Holmes, who is a director at the Society, told the Voice Saturday that the response is going very well this year.

“People are showing up, coming in to raise memories and names on the butterflies because they heard about it from somewhere else and you know the main thing is to let people have an opportunity to come in and have that memorial time and find a way to honour somebody, especially when they’ve had the loss in the last year and this is their first Christmas, then it’s especially meaningful,” said Holmes.

“It’s not about raising funds, it’s just about being able to provide the support to the community.”

The tree will be at Minter’s until December 22 and the tree will remain in place there until the end of December.

The money goes to the Society for the free programs and services they offer.

According to the Society’s website, they are a community-based palliative care volunteer organization that “accepts death as a part of life” and who “support individuals and families during the dying and grieving process.”

“Hospice is a philosophy of holistic care providing comfort care to meet the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of dying people and their families. Hospice care is all about treating terminally ill people as living human beings so they can live until their last moment with caring and respect.”

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They are located at  45360 Hodgins Ave, Chilliwack, BC V2P 1P5 604-795-4660


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