Wednesday December 14, 2011

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Chilliwack RCMP arrest pair driving with stolen plates

Staff/Voice photos


A Toyota sits with the door open after police arrested the driver and another occupant Wednesday at the Yale Road rail crossing. Below one of the arrested men sits in cuffs in the police car.


here was some good luck and hard-luck today when CNR crews unwittingly assisted police in arresting a pair of hapless miscreants caught driving around with stolen plates.


Just after 1:30pm, an alert RCMP officer did a rolling check on a battered-looking blue mid-1980s Toyota travelling north on Young Rd. It turned out that the vehicle had stolen plates on it.  While waiting for back-up to arrive, the reporting officer tracked the vehicle and two occupants into the Husky Station where they bought gas then left again.

By stroke of luck, a yard crew was switching cars and the crossing guard went down, trapping the car in traffic. This gave officers moving in on the opposite side of the train, a chance to get into position for a takedown.

“They’re jammed-up and can’t get anywhere,” said the constable just prior to arresting the individuals.

Most of the time, that particular rail crossing is the nemesis of drivers in Chilliwack, but today, drivers didn’t mind one bit.

More photos below.

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