Sunday December 25, 2011

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Police Busy With The Season Too

Motherly love, midnight movers, lost hikers found safe

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he following are some briefs of what’s been happening on the streets of Chilliwack over the last two weeks. The reports are as accurate as we can be, however there will be some discrepancies from time to time.


Wednesday, December 14, 2001


Mickey Mantle Practice

A Native male worked himself up into a baseball-bat-swinging-frenzy in the 46000 block of Magnolia at around 11 A.M. Police learned that the suspect had an extensive history with them. They were called the day before to deal with the menace when the complainant kicked in the suspect’s door. No one was seriously injured.


Training Day

At About 1:38 P.M. an alert police constable did a rolling licence plate check on a car and they came back as stolen plates. Police tailed the vehicle as it went into the Husky on Young Rd. and then waited as the driver fueled up. However as they were leaving a CN Yard Crew was switching cars and the car was hung up at the barricades. This gave police ample time to move in from the other side and come in from behind and box the vehicle in. Two were arrested in the incident. See our coverage here. Re: Training Day


Grizzly Gasses Up

At almost 3 P.M. a man was inside the Chevron on Yale Rd. downtown yelling and swearing at the clerk who then called police. He was driving a vehicle with Yukon plates. It’s unclear if police managed to catch up with the suspect who was gone on arrival.


Motherly Love

At about 7 P.M. police were called to a residence in the 46000 block of First Ave. where a woman called to say that her son broke into her home and that he was still inside. He was gone-on-arrival and police set-up a perimeter. It was then learned that the suspect may be armed with a handgun. As police swept the area they located him at Broadway and Pine where he was cuffed and arrested at 7:33 P.M.. Police held him until it was determined that nothing from his mom’s home was stolen and the house was checked for forced entry.


Once Is Never Enough

At around 7:39 P.M. police pulled over a real winner. After checking they found him to have had a litany of previous charges including an impaired driving, assault with a weapon, uttering threats and he had plenty of no-go’s.


Running Wild

A driver ran a road block on Lickman at about 10:36 P.M. in a stolen silver Toyota. “He’s going to be flying and he’s not going to be stopping for anything, do not pursue.” See our coverage of this here.


Pursuit of a Purse

At 10:46 unfortunate incident occurred when a woman who was shopping at Walmart had her purse taken. It’s not clear if she left it on a shelf or somewhere else in the store, but it did not turn up. When she called police, they suggested she drive home because of the long wait to see a constable. The woman said she couldn’t drive home because her driver’s licence was in the purse.


Midnight Movers

Around midnight a semi truck lost part of its load of machinery when it hit the overpass on Peardonville in Abbotsford. Adding to that problem was that the truck kept going and didn’t stop. Police got a description of the truck and caught up with it in Clearbrook.



Thursday, December 15, 2011


Medical Dilemma

At 1:44 P.M. there was an unfortunate incident happened where a child had a seizure at Southgate Plaza. At first it was thought that it was a possible pedestrian-MVI. Mounties were called, however the mother had to leave the child in order to run to call 9-1-1 for help.


Wild At The Wheel

At 2:44 P.M. police were alerted to a call of trouble at the curve in the road across from the Schway Band office. See our coverage here.


You’re Fired! No, I Quit!

Police responded to an Agassiz business owner’s call that they had been assaulted by a disgruntled employee. The boss was not seriously injured.


The Meter's Running

At 5:37 P.M. a taxi driver was stiffed for a fare in the vicinity of Corky’s when a passenger got out and left without paying. Police were looking for a heavy set 50-year-old male in a blue jacket and blue pants.


Sans Pursuit

Police responded to a call about a suicidal man in a wheelchair in the Southside of Chilliwack. Once officers determined wheelchair was a push-type and not electric and that he’d left the property, the “pursuit was called off.”



Friday December 16, 2011


Your What Hurts?

At 2:35 police arrested a mad dog in the form of a human. When he was put in the car, he let loose with a litany of verbal abuse on the constable. Dispatch suggested he record it and the officer responded that the in-car recording was taking place.


How Young Is Too Young?

Just before 3pm, Someone alerted police that a child had been left alone in a car at in the parking lot at Dollar Giant on Vedder Rd. An off-duty member attended and called in to report that it was an 8-year-old.


Sunday, December 18, 2011


A Likely Story

When all else fails, act mental. Mounties were called at 7:25 A.M. to the Chevron Cardlock after they received reports of a man running around there with a steel bar and a flashlight. He was driving a Volvo with Alberta tags on it. When police arrived the man said he thought he saw people on the roof.


Miscalculated Sunset

At 4:15 Police were called by someone reporting a couple that had been hiking on Elkview Trail hadn’t returned. At 5:30 P.M. Search and Rescue deployed as well as police who hiked up the trail in search of the man and woman. Rescuers made voice contact at around 7 P.M. with the pair. They then had to triangulate their position before moving in. Police also had a good workout as two constables had to hike it up there was well. By 8:30 P.M. the couple was led out to their vehicle. At one point a SAR rescue dog was used. The mother was called at 9 P.M. to let her know the couple was safe.



Burglars On Bikes. At 8:39 P.M. a resident in the 9600 block of Cook St. called police to report that his house was broken into. He said two males took off on bicycles toward Lewis Ave. The owner apparently heard a bang on the door and then a smash but couldn’t immediately find where the break occurred. Police attended and found the forced entry point. It’s not known if anything was taken. The two miscreants are described as Both wearing dark clothes, one in a hoodie. The K-9 that was available, was pulled off for an incident in Abbotsford.



Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Small Business Menace

The Voice received a report from a local business that the Boyz to Men store on Mill Street had their rear door kicked-in. It’s not known if anything was stolen.



Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Early Window Shopping

At 2:33 A.M. police were looking for a nefarious “BOB” who was up to no good in the Woodbine area.


A Plea For Help

Just after 11 A.M. Mounties were called when a young woman was reported to be suicidal and jumping out in front of cars. A female police officer talked with the woman until she was in her right mind again. It’s not known if mental health services were called afterward but the constable was pleased that she was able to work with the woman.


Pervert Alert

At 8:15 P.M. a man exposed himself to someone at or around the Zellers Store. The man may have had a history of this type of behaviour. It’s not known if the police were able to catch up with this culprit but we assume this was the case.



Thursday, December 22, 2011


Muskrat Love

Just before 9 P.M. a couple was having a knock-em-out-drag-em-down fight. The man involved was intoxicated and threatening to commit suicide by stabbing himself if he doesn’t get help. The man had a court order against drinking. The woman was upset and crying. She said that “he kicked her.” The man was taken to CGH.


Friday, December 23, 2011


Lucky To Be Alive

In the wee hours, at around 2:30 A.M. a female driver hit a Telus pole on Yale Rd. in Rosedale. By the time police arrived she was GOA. The responding unite said they had a “runner”.  Checks were made for the owner of the damaged yellow Sunbird and the taxi company was also alerted. It wasn’t clear if the woman was drinking but police finally caught up to her at Chilliwack General Hospital. She left the scene of the accident and went home, which was nearby, and had her boyfriend drive her to CGH. The woman may have been on methamphetamines.


Sunday, December 25, 2011


Christmas Cooking

Later in the morning, fire crews responded to a call from an alarm company that a smoke detector had been activated in a home in the 1400 block of Canterbury Drive in Agassiz. Crews were able to quickly attend and established that someone living in the upscale neighbourhood just burnt toast. 










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