Sunday December 25, 2011


Lost Labrador

Keep your eyes peeled for this lost dog



ast night (Dec 22) my dog ran away from the house she was staying at over the holidays as I'm out of town. She was on Mcnaught Rd. in Chilliwack and was noticed missing around 9:45 P.M. There are many people looking for her and a loving family dearly wanting her returned home.


She is a rotti/lab/wolf but looks like a skinny chocolate lab. She is wearing a pink and brown collar and has district of mission tags as that's where we live, unless they've fallen off. She has a tattoo in her ear and is very friendly, and though if you find her you'll want to keep her, please return her to us. She's my four month olds best friend.


Possibly last seen running last night at 9:30pm along Veddar Rd towards Cultus Lake. Her name is 'Jai' and her family is torn apart.


If found please contact 604-615-6496. If no answer please leave a contact number! Thank you!




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