Friday December 16, 2011

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Check-Up Time

Exactly how do they get in the clock tower?

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t's the heartbeat of the community. It's also part of an elite group of the world's largest free-standing clocks and is located in a remote village called Chilliwack.

The Clock Tower was an instant hit with residents and became a city landmark the moment it was erected. Since then, the clock has been issuing it's euphonious chiming on the quarter throughout the day.

On Wednesday, city crews performed regular maintenance on the clock and the Voice wondered how they actually got inside.

The tower anchors the mini mall and public space at Five Corners which is also where the Chilliwack Courts are located and it serves as a focal point for everything from events to rallies.

The idea behind the clock was that it was created in response to the millennium happening, however it was not completed and dedicated until May 31st, 2002.

Stories earlier this year about a toilet underneath the clock seemed to baffle local reporters, but workmen have to go somewhere.


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