Friday December 23, 2011

City Hall News

Class of 2011

City Hall welcomes new councillors and incumbents back to chambers

Staff/Voice photo


Chilliwack city hall councillors Sue Attrill (L), Ken Huttema, Stewart MacLean, Mayor Sharon Gaetz, Chuck Stam, Ken Popove and Jason Lum.



hilliwack City Councillors posed Tuesday afternoon for their new photos at city hall.


Then, just when you think you know someone, there's the behind-the-scenes action. In the second photo councillor Chuck Stam hams it up for the camera. Did someone say 3 more years?!


The Voice wishes the mayor, city council and municipal staff all the best over the holiday season. We'll be looking forward to another great 3-years of coverage.


And this outtake... what they're really like.



The photos were taken by the Voice however the excellent shot setup was done by Kim Mallory who is one of the city's top photographers.



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