Wednesday December 29, 2010


When All Else Fails Get Them With A Little Prose

Thompson lauds Ross' environmental stances

Submitted by Glen Thompson, FCRV


n the sparse political landscape of the Fraser Valley, FVRD Chair Patricia Ross has been too successful, SE II and too visible, Waste To Energy. She has drawn the disenfranchised to follow her and with them their high To survive in this environment one must conserve energy. Ross is non-aligned politically. This means she operates outside of the single party system that permeates the Fraser Valley. Unprotected by The Party umbrella, Ross feels the heat from all sides.

Would a successful bid for chair by Sharon Gaetz, Dick Bogstie or Lloyd Foreman produce a better leader? Probably not. The political vacuum that paralyzes the Fraser Valley and traps issues into isolated pockets of resistance; conflict gravel, waste to energy, transit reform and others cannot be shattered by a leader alone.

MLA's in the Fraser Valley are not elected at the poll booth they are elected at members only functions. When cocktail parties are more powerful than political parties - democracy dwindles. When liberal ideas no longer have a place in a Liberal Party - democracy hides in the shade. The absence of pluralism in the Fraser Valley creates a desert that we one day must wander out of.



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