Thursday December 16, 2010

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Weathering Storms For Kids

ASU soldiers are hoping to overshoot $3000 target

Craig Hill/Voice photos


                                                                                                                     Mst. Cpl. Jason Doiron photo

Tired but very happy, Canadian Forces Sgt. "Mo" Gavini sits on top of the tower at ASU Chilliwack Wednesday, nearing the end of the Survival Challenge fundraiser for the Children's Hospital.


vershooting a target in the army isn't a good idea except if you're two soldiers perched 25-feet up in a tower for a week and you're aiming to raise $3000 for kids.


Such is the case for two ASU Chilliwack soldiers, Sgt. Erasmo Gavini and Mst. Cpl. Jason Doiron, who said goodbye to life on the ground in exchange for a week's vacation at the entrance to base.


Last Friday, the hardy pair climbed the scaffolding on a unique mission to raise at money for the Vancouver Children's Hospital.


So far, they've had plenty of moral support from the community, and also from cars tooting as they pass by on Keith Wilson Rd. Despite monsoons that could drown a duck, cash and coins have been trickling in on a fairly steady basis.


"We can't complain, it's been a good week," he said. "Last Friday when we went up, we got about $1000 cash that day and it's been steady since."

Gavini assured the Voice that they have in fact "exceeded their target"  passing the halfway mark with a day still to go in the "Survival Challenge".            


                                                                 Mst. Cpl. Jason Gavini gazes out from tower Wednesday.

He said to date there have been no big donations from businesses or corporations and that most of the money they've collected has come from residents in the community. Both are confident more funds will come in before they descend Friday at 7am.

Doiron said they didn't know exactly how much money has been raised thus far because the website totals weren't yet known. "We're still counting," he said. We've got a lot of coin up here too."

When asked if they've managed any sleep over the last week, Gavini said they were doing just fine in the face of the inclement weather Chilliwack has been experiencing.

"It was windy and shaking pretty good, and the rain was coming down (heavy) the other night but we weathered the storm," said Gavini.

If you want to donate or just root them on you can visit right at the base or donate online to:

Thanks to Jason and Mo for the photos. See below for more.

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