Wednesday December 29, 2010


Police Blotter

Search and Rescue Sent Out To Wrong Place

Worried wife alerts police after hunter husband overdue



izzy Driver

6:15am - A van was doing donuts in the Sears parking lot, but by the time the police arrived, the vehicle was nowhere to be seen.


Coroner Called

7:43am - The coroner and victim's services was called. No other info available.


Disturbing disturbance

Police were called out to a disturbance of some sort on Williams St.


Domestic Disturbance

A domestic violence report at a Wolfe Rd. residence.


Overdue Hunters

2pm - A nervous wife called police saying her husband was overdue from a hunting excursion. According to her, two others along her husband went hunting in the Weaver Lake area. Police called out Search & Rescue who went looking for a black 2000 F250 single cab pickup truck. After darkness fell, the wife received a call from her husband saying that they were 5 minutes from home. As it turned out the men were never at Weaver Lake and in fact were hunting in the Boston Bar area.


Better Safe Than Sorry

A woman called police saying someone was in her home. She later realized that it was in fact a friend and police were called off.


Distraught Woman

A depressed woman showed up at the Greyhound bus depot after leaving a note in her home saying she was suicidal. Police met with her and said she seemed okay, but later had her committed to hospital.



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