Thursday December 2, 2010


Stσ:lō Health Serv. Christmas Tips

Safety information from trees to toys for the holiday season

Submitted by Rebecca Middleton, Stσ:lō Resource Ctr.


he upcoming holiday season can be exciting and busy. If you are hosting young children, take the time to make your home childproof! Some tips to childproof your home and to avoid injuries include installing fixed gates, covering plug-ins, locking cupboards and putting chemicals out of reach. Happy Holidays!


Here are some tips on how to stay safe:



• Choose age-appropriate gifts to prevent injury or choking

• Dispose of all packing and wrapping materials promptly.

• Choose fire resistant sleepwear for children made of cotton blends, polyester, or nylon.



• Never leave candles unattended, and keep out of reach of pets, children, decorations & wrapping paper. Use sturdy candle holders and extinguish before it burns too low or close to candle arrangement dιcor.






• Ensure a real tree is fresh by tugging at the needles.

• Water the tree daily - they can consume up to 4 liters of water per day!

• Secure the tree in a sturdy stand, away from high traffic areas, doorways, heating vents, radiators, fireplaces, burning candles, etc.

• Keep children away from the tree and its decorations – some decorations can contain lead, which is poisonous.

• Keep your real Christmas tree stump in water.

• Recycle your tree before it becomes too dry and could become a fire hazard.


Holiday Lights

• Use lights certified by a recognized organization (e.g. CSA, ULC or cUL).

• Use indoor and outdoor lights in the appropriate environments.

• Check all bulbs, and replace broken or burnt out bulbs with compatible lights.

• Discard light lines if they have frayed or broken wires or broken sockets.

• Never run cords under doorways or carpets.

• Do not overload electrical outlets.

• Turn-off lights before you go to bed or leave your home.


Fireplaces & Wood stoves

• Always use a screen in front of an open fireplace.

• Clean your chimney once a year to avoid chimney fires.

• Burn hardwoods – it leaves less residue in a chimney.

• If using fire logs, follow directions closely and only use one at a time.

• Extinguish fire before going to bed.

• Keep children away from fireplaces to avoid serious burns.


 Happy Holidays!


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