Wednesday December 8, 2010

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Senior Shot, Stabbed In Home Invasion

Police find small grow-op inside while search continues for armed and dangerous suspect

Craig Hill/Voice


n Tuesday night, a quiet Chilliwack neighbourhood was rocked by a dinner time home invasion which culminated in the shooting and stabbing of a 72-year-old man.


The incident took place at an average-looking home in the 46000 block of 5th Avenue. The victim opened the door to a man who then pulled a gun, a struggle ensued and the senior suffered       RCMP try to piece together what happened at this house.

a stab wound

and blows to the head before being shot in arm.                 

According to witnesses, the gunman wasn't sure where he was going and knocked on one door before being directed to an adjacent home where the victim lived.

The assailant immediately fled the scene and the injured man was able to cross the street and get help from neighbours while blood gushed from open wounds.

Neighbour Alex Lefebvre talks to CTV about the incident which took place Tuesday evening across the street from his home.


Alex Lefebvre, who lives directly across the street, was eating dinner and said he was alerted by dogs barking. When he opened the front door to see what was going on, his neighbour was with the victim on the porch next door asking for assistance.

Lefebvre, who is a veteran, said when he saw the victim with a handful of blood, his military training kicked-in.

"We pulled up the sleeve on his shirt and it was absolutely pumping out of the joint at the elbow."

He was able to administer first-aid by applying pressure with a towel until paramedics arrived 5 or 6 minutes later adding that it was difficult finding out what happened while all this was going on.

                                                  Animal control officers coax victim's dogs into vehicle.

"You don't want the guy to bleed out, it was bad enough and he was going into shock," he said. "We got very short, almost cryptic answers from him. He'd been beaten up, stabbed and shot. How cohesive are you going to be at that point?" said Lefebvre.

Lefevbre said he figured it was a bullet wound right away even before the victim gasped that it was a 22-calibre weapon which was used.

Police arrived quickly, swarming 5th Ave. and dog services was dispatched but were unable to locate the suspect.

Later, RCMP stated in a release that it was in fact a targeted home invasion. "The victim and suspect are not known to each other, and it appears the suspect's motivation was to rob the victim." said Cpl. Lea-Anne Dunlop.

In a sudden twist, CTV reported that a small marijuana grow-op was found inside and said that the RCMP indicated it wasn't tied to organized crime.

Investigator at the crime scene Wednesday.


Lefebvre said the victim was affable however kept to himself for the most part.

"If there was any kind of weird activity on the street, he would be the last guy I would suspect. He's just a very quiet kind of guy and doesn't have a lot of people coming and going. Occasionally he has a few family members drop by."

Lefevbre admits he was shocked because it happened in his neighbourhood but blames it on Vancouver riff-raff.

"The reality is that there are bad people out there and unfortunately the other reality of it is they don't want the bad people in Vancouver, so guess where they're all going? They're getting flushed up the Valley to here."

He said it does give him cause for concern but he isn't about to cut and run.

"I'm not paranoid. I'm not going to pull up stakes and move or run away to somewhere else because somewhere else you run into the same stuff." he said. "There are people that get shot in Vancouver, in British Properties."

But he is wary. "You're sitting down having supper and then all hell breaks loose and your neighbours are being shot and stabbed."

The victim had two dogs and animal control was called in to take them into shelter. He remains in stable condition in hospital.

People with any information or leads are being asked to contact the Chilliwack RCMP at 604-792-4611 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.


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