Thursday December 23, 2010

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Powerful Peewees Have Giant Hearts

Chilliwack football team best in BC

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The Chilliwack Giants Blue show their trophies off on steps of City Hall Monday. Gibson Hardie (L) and the teams only female player.


he entire Chilliwack Peewee Giants Blue football club was in council chambers to accept certificates of appreciation from the City for winning the BC Community Peewee Championship Mayor Sharon Gaetz personally congratulated each player received with a handshake and words of gratitude.


"I'm still trying to get my head around that you are peewees but you're also Giants, it's sort of being David and Goliath all at once," Gaetz told a packed chamber.


"Thank you guys for the job that you've done in representing our community. We're very proud of you."


After finishing 7-3 during the regular season, the Giants upset the heavily-favoured Coquitlam Wildcats 28-13 Dec.5th at McLeod Stadium in Langley. The Wildcats were undefeated until the playoffs. Prior to that major win, the Giants were dominated all season however at crunch time managed to best other top-rated teams including the Abbotsford Falcons and the Kelowna Mission Lions.                  Mayor Sharon Gaetz presents peewee with certificate.


Head Coach Lawrence Smith told council they were honoured to be there and thanked the City for field which he says is the "talk of community football."


"We have the best facility, everybody knows it and everybody loves to come to Townsend Park," he said.


Smith lauded the team's sportsmanship saying the kids always played fair, never talked trash and always helped the other players up off the field.


"They're the best example I've ever see of community sport. So, it's been a real treat for me to get to coach this year."


Star running back/linebacker, No. 55 Emilio Pineda addressed the council said that some of the favourite things Chilliwack Giants player shows his certificate.                   about this season were his coaches.


"This year meant a lot to me and I will never forget it. I'm thankful for the friendships I made with my teammates and were always willing to help me out and explain plays to me and if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have gotten all the yards and touchdowns that I did."

Centre Gibson Hardie lost his father in a tragic car accident also spoke to council about how his coaches and team came together to support him through his hard times.


"We went to Seattle together, BC Lions together, barbeques, the season was good," explained Hardie. "But then it changed on Saturday Oct. 16 at 2am. A policeman came to our door and told us that my dad had been killed in a car accident."


"I couldn't make it to the game that day but heard that the Chilliwack Giants paused for a moment of Silence. Also in honour of my dad, we wore his initials on the back of our helmets for the rest of the season."


Hardie added that his team was "glued together by tragedy."              Winning Coach Laurie Smith leaves City Hall Monday.


It is an honour to be the 2010 Provincial Champions but this season has been so much more to me. This year will forever be in my heart, said Gibson tearfully.


The coach later presented the mayor with a framed photograph of the team.



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