Sunday December 12, 2010


Positive Politics

Communities reach out to local gov't to achieve fairness

Submitted by Glen Thompson, FCRV


esterday, Walter, Cynthia, Bruce and I presented the ASP to the City of Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley Regional District. We also discussed the pressing concerns about the over the mountain madness at Vedder Mountain.


The City of Chilliwack appointed a point person to work with the community and agreed to hold meetings regarding Yarrow. They also agreed they do not know enough about APP or ASP and have agreed to a series of meetings to become educated about ASP/APP.


The FVRD was more than happy with the ASP. We were delighted with their response to the proposal. Just how we will move forward is still up in the air and we must be diligent that it doesn't go south.


We do have their full attention. At the next EAS meeting in Jan we will make a specific proposal to move forward with ASP. FVRD staff suggested by committee. We'll have to think thru our options.


We've won a round. The next steps will show if this victory delivers anything meaningful.


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