Thursday December 30, 2010


Police Blotter

RCMP Arrest Tough Guy

Promontory perimeter setup to contain rowdy

Staff/Voice - Tuesday


runken Domestic Disturbance at 6:18am - A woman locked herself in the bedroom of her Agassiz home while her three children slept in order to avoid a male who was binge drinking for days. The problem came to a head and she called police who responded and arrested the man. She told police he was a hunter and that there were guns and police checked and there were no firearms registered to the man. The woman later recanted and said that the reason she said there were guns was because she was upset.


Unloved and Unwanted

7:00am - A male felt threatened by another male and called police. The complainant described the male as being big and with the temper of a junkyard dog. RCMP checked and the unruly male was arrested. Apparently he was charged in another province for assault causing bodily harm and so they grouped not far from the location until they had sufficient numbers to deal with the unruly man and then proceeded to attend to the call.


Vanishing MVA

8:03am - An MVI was reported in the area of Keith Wilson and Lickman, however when police responded to the call nothing was found. A check down Lickman around the tracks by Chilliwack Mtn proved futile.


Jack Be Nimbler and Quicker

8:10am - Jack's Restaurant on Pioneer Ave in Agassiz had an alarm go off and when police showed up they saw someone inside. The alarm company called police to advise the person inside was actually staff.


Man Stabbed

8:15am - A man showed up at Chilliwack General with a stab would to the chest and finger. When police checked for priors they found that he had lots of no contact orders, assault with a weapon and uttering threats in other provinces. By the time police got to the hospital he was gone on arrival.


Stolen Car

9:00am (approx) - A 1994 green Honda Civic was reported stolen from a home on Edwards Ave.


Violence On Viola

9:30am (approx) - Renters reported their landlord from Quesnel was furious and pointed a shotgun at the home before driving away in a white Mazda pickup truck. Police highway patrol were notified.


Plate On A Platter

10:31am - Staff at a local insurance company reported that a vehicle licence plate, that had been reported stolen, turned up there.


Emotional Rescue

2:27pm - Police received a call of a emotionally disturbed male in the vicinity of Young Rd. and Second Ave.


Nothing To Sing Praise About

At some point in the afternoon police were called to the Gospel Chapel in Harrison which was reported to have been vandalized sometime between December 26th-28th.


Dark Dilemma

5:03pm - A black truck was reported to have broken down in the dark on the Rosedale bridge. Police responded and by the time they arrived there was no vehicle around.


Suspicious Minds

5:50pm - Report of a suspicious character hanging around Yale Rd. and Kipp Ave.


Tylenol Trippin'

6pm (approx) - Police received a call about a 31-year-old suicidal male who took a quantity of Tylenol. He told police he took 5 pills at 1am.


Mad About Skiing

7:51pm - Police got a call about a 17-year-old male who had been assaulted by his uncle at a cabin in Hemlock Valley Ski Resort and was treated by medics.


No Brotherly Love

8:04pm - Police got a call from a resident on Teskey about a brother who showed up drunk and started causing a disturbance. At 9:04 the brother returned and he threatened his family's life. Police said they would need extra officers because he was a big guy and was not in a good mood. "Very agitated demeanor, might be high on coke and looking for a fight". Police set up a perimeter to contain the suspect and thought he may have been in the northwest part of the ravine. The dog squad was called in. Wearing a black winter coat with fur on the hood, 6' very athletic. The male returned and then took off on foot upon seeing the officers and when he realized that he was surrounded he complied by laying down on the ground where he was cuffed and taken into custody.


I Scream For Ice Cream

8:42pm - Report of six females pushing and shoving one another at Dairy Queen on Vedder. Two of the women were in custody within ten minutes and one was taken to the cells.


Pilfering On Promontory

8:43pm - Save-On Shoplifter at Promontory store. Police attended.



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