Tuesday December 21, 2010


Never Surrender

ASU survival challenge persistence pays off   

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Doiron (L) and "Mo" at the end of the challenge that raised thousands for kids hospital.


s in the Corey Hart song, ASU Soldiers MCpl. Jason Doiron and Srgt. Erasmo Gavini never surrendered or even wavered in their 7-day Survival Challenge fundraiser for the Children's Hospital which ended Friday.

Despite torrential rain that hammered them for two days and nights, they faired well and managed to raise $5150 in their week-long survival stunt.

Crowds counted down as Gavini and Doiron cautiously descended the ASU Chilliwack tower. After spending a week swaying in the wind, it took a few minutes to get their land legs back.

Once back on terra firma the two exhausted, but elated soldiers were congratulated by the base commander and a round of applause from the small crowd gathered at the base entrance.

The first thing they wanted was a hot shower and to count that cold hard cash, including 3 large jars of coins.

"There were a lot of kids coming down who robbed their piggy banks so this is awesome," said Gavini.

Later on in the morning was the annual Christmas Mess, where those up the chain of command serve breakfast to their charges as a show of appreciation for the good service throughout the year.

For Gavini, the last week was a walk in the park because they're always in training.

"Before we any tour you're involved in a 1-1-years training. In our actual training in the military, we're running around with our weapons and getting dirty and we're not sitting around up on a scaffold all day," he said.

Doiron was said he was overwhelmed by the support the pair received all week long.

"I'm kind of speechless from the response we got from the community," beamed Doiron. "It's something we were very happy to do and felt very good about it and like billionaires, just to be able to do something for people in the province that need it."

Gavini was coy about their next mission and wouldn't say what their plans are for next challenge but we can expect the pair to be creative.

"We talked about it, we had 7-days up there together, so we did a lot of talking," said Gavini. "Maybe change it up, like it'd be a little different scenario instead of up in the scaffold but, definitely for a great cause like this, the opportunity is there to do something like this."

If you want to donate online and for more information go to: www.bcchf.ca/asu

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