Sunday December 12, 2010


Negative Politics

Bill C-36 a blow to civil liberties

Submitted by "Lorna" via Jan Longmore, Area C Environmental Stewards


am so surprised. Bill C36 still hasn't passed, meaning we still have valuable time for input. We/you could still make a difference.


Debate on Bill C36 happened in the Senate yesterday (it's recorded in Hansard, but will be on the website) and thanks to Senator Joseph  Day raising important points, this bill has been postponed until Monday! Three days from today.

That means that we still have time to let Canadian Senators and the media know  what we think about a bill that gives Health Canada inspectors the right and privilege to come onto your property without requiring legal authority, essentially terrorize you with guns drawn if they so wish, remove whatever they feel like at your expense, and without needing to prove themselves to you or any court of the land.

This might be quite sensationalist sounding, but it's actually correct.

How would you feel about that?

Go to and click on the red 'Shawn to the Senate'. There are a number of 'ONE CLICK' bars part way down that page, which gives you the ability to write what you want to each group of senators. If that doesn't work for you, contact information is available at:

What's helpful is copy-pasting the same letter to each and every group. Remember to copy/paste to the media, too! And while you're at it, you can send me  (Lorna) a copy here.

This is a matter of civil liberties, and that you want Shawn Buckley to appear before the Senate.

Thank you in advance. I know you will be making the difference. - Lorna

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