Wednesday December 1, 2010

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Mountain of Evidence Against Quarry

Vedder Mtn. Preservation Group write letters to City Hall and residents

Submitted by Corie Robinson


Re: Application for Development by Kirkness Pacific Holdings


e write to you to express our concerns about the lack of candour from the mayor and councillors regarding the Development Application of Kirkness Pacific Holdings Ltd.

The media stories in the Progress and Times in early October have highlighted some of the issues we have.

The impression given by the mayor was that she had no knowledge of this development application, however, on October 28, at a Yarrow Town Hall meeting Councillor Huttema announced that “The Ministry of Energy and Mines has sent a notice to the City that there has been an application. The City commented that it would not conform to zoning or the OCP so it would have to go through a public consultation process.” It took a Freedom of Information request to get the facts. The request from the MEM was received by the Engineering Department on February 25, 2010, and a response dated March 12, 2010 ended with the sentence “In summary, I have attached your letter with the City's approval subject to the conditions noted above.”

Our group of residents assumed that our mayor and councillors could be depended upon to use the Official City Plan as the template from which to govern since it represents the vision of the people of Chilliwack. We helped to develop, shape, and approve the plan, and we believe in it. We plan to defend the OCP and the provisions therein.

We believe that the City made a questionable decision in light of the options provided since clearly the “conditions noted above” are references to the OCP. We believe that the correct option should be “APPROVAL NOT RECOMMENDED – REASONS ATTACHED.” We contend that there are some factual errors and omissions in the memo of March 12 and the City should have the courage to correct them.


Letter from  Vedder Mtn. Preservation Group to residents

Dear Residents & Friends,

On Thursday, November 25th a couple of dozen residents braved the snow and icy roads to attend the Third Meeting of the Vedder Mountain Quarry/Conveyor group. Our “group” name will now be Vedder Mountain Preservation Group.

1.We reviewed a letter from Madrone Environmental Services who we commissioned to review the Kirkness Pacific Holding Development Application for us. It helps to confirm the stand we have been taking.

2.We discussed a letter to send to our Mayor & Councilors to try to get them to reverse their stand on “approving” the project. A show of hands unanimously supported the letter which you will find in the attachment.

Now we urgently need your help. Please read the letter and get as many signatures on the SIGNATURE DOCUMENT as you can. We need the SIGNATURES on or before December 10, 2010. We will deliver the letter with all the signatures to the Mayor & Councilors on the following Monday.

Please return the forms with the signature to Walter by faxing them to 604-823-4571, or drop them off at Victor’s house at 43815 Vedder Mountain Road (please drive on the yard, there is a circular driveway so it’s easy, and drop them off at the house).


Walter Raupach & Victor Froese




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