Friday December 31, 2010


Happy New Year

A special thank you

Craig Hill/Voice Publisher - Revised Jan 1 2011


s the clock winds down on 2010 and with the new year just a few hours away, I want to take a moment of your time if I could, to thank you for your patronage over the past year.


You also need to know that the Voice's biggest fan, and most ardent supporter, has been my fiancé Tania. Without her the Valley Voice wouldn't be here.


She is American, loves Chilliwack dearly and realizes the asset to the community that this online news site has become. She's seen the differences that it's made in people's lives. If you met her, as some have, you'd love her. She's a totally awesome person.


It's been a privilege covering news in the city and I especially thank those people in the community who've shared their lives with me. No matter how many years I do this, I am always grateful to these folk on the Voice's pages and thank them for letting me into their lives and sharing their stories. Even if it's only for a photograph. We have bonded in the process.


The year has seen many changes in Chilliwack and I would call it the Year of the Ribbon because so many were cut from one side of the city to the other. There are archived photos in the galleries link on the main page.


The list is huge, from the new Cheam Leisure Centre to beloved the Gwynne Vaughan Park. Major infrastructure projects like the Evans Rd. flyover and the Tyson sewer project. From small business like Waves to big business like the Cultural Centre it was one of the most exciting years in the history of the city.


Cineplex Galaxy Theatre is world-class entertainment for our town and the generous soul who donated the Paramount Theatre to the City.


The Coast Hotel Chilliwack and Preston's Restaurant celebrated their first year. The Coast has stitched  many different segments the community together from the corporate to social side and they genuinely believe in the community. Just look at the beautiful boats lined up in front of it's doors in the morning taking guests to the river. GM Joey Beltrano is such a great guy and a class act. We're very fortunate to have him and the hotel here in this city.


There are far too many superb people to in the city mention here and now and I don't want to bore you to death with the details, but having said that, there are some that do need mentioning. Please bear with me.


I have to thank Georgia Nicols for her weekly horoscopes. Her latest book, You and Your Future, is a must-have. Each week that she writes you'd think she knows you personally. It's uncanny. She's talented beyond words. She has an M.A. in English and it's always a treat when she invents new words. To know Georgia is to love her. The times that I met her were always special because I was in the presence of greatness, and had the wherewithal to appreciate that during those occasions. She called my writing "meaty" once and that was no less than thrilling. She was on the right track because an American movie producer said about a script of mine that he thought he was reading "There Will Be Blood". Enough of that. I'm so glad we have Georgia here with us on the Voice.  Check out her book it's really something to behold.


Rafe Mair we love. Who doesn't? He's 82 and there's a lot more to do. Rafe generously offered to write an exclusive column for the Voice and I would jump at the chance if I had the money to pay him for his time. We'd all love that I'm certain. My only worry is that he can't be here with us forever and some day we'll have to say goodbye.


What can you say about Libby Davies? She's awesome and that's why her blogs, with her permission of course, are here on the Voice.   She's a politician that can write. She's a fighter and always has been. Libby was great in Vancouver City Council and has since gone on to Ottawa while representing Mt. Pleasant, one of the most demanding neighborhoods in Canada.


Thanks also to Fred Hellmer who's fishing reports are highly sought after. It's hard not to love old Fred who is sheared from the same cloth as the Hudson Bay Traders. You can easily picture him sitting there stacking furs and hashing out deals with First Nations and trappers in Chinook — in between shots of "lum".


Thank you also to our regular contributors Myrtle Macdonald, Chris Gadsden, Glen Thompson, Susan Federspiel and Betty Krawczyk, who are our heroes for their tireless work and I am humbled and indebted to them and to everyone else that made the Voice what was in 2010.


The Mayor, councillors, and staff, have been very helpful to the Voice in getting the news out there and are always receptive and very grateful of the work we're doing.


I can't forget to thank my hosting company, Electric Toad who have been fabulous. They have been an integral element of the Voice from it's inception in January 2009. I should know because I've been dumbulous when it comes to web servers. They give excellent service and I've had Herni up in France at all hours of the day and night with dozens of e-mails. More than once. Henri is a local from Langley and his company is based there, he just likes France.


As if I haven't said thanks enough, here it is again — thank you for being here.


I'm very much looking forward to continuing to serve the community in this capacity in 2011 and I wish you all the best in the coming year.



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