Wednesday December 29, 2010

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Green Deputy Leader Offers Tips To New Premier

Liberals creating voter apathy

Submitted by Rebecca Helps, Green Party


ime to change the way government does business. "2010 will go down as the year that the premier realized his game was up," said Julius Bloomfield, deputy leader of the Green Party of BC. "Premier Campbell had gone one trick too many and the people rose up, rebelled, and consequently, he lost the support of his party."

"The current way of politics here in BC is a cut and thrust style where 'our way is the right way and everything the other side does is wrong.' This has built a system of wild policy swings that are poorly thought out and woefully inadequate when put into practice."

"The new premier will need to do business quite differently in order to make politics in Victoria functional again. The top down policy system has to be changed.

"I would suggest a three stage approach to improving government accountability. For all ministries there should be a period of engagement, a period of planning and a period of action."

"During the period of engagement the ministers responsible engage all factions of their portfolio to identify the problems of those services and industries. This should include not only the bureaucrats who are responsible for those sectors but also industry leaders, unions and advocacy groups. The periods of planning and action are where the bureaucrats within those ministries then structure and implement the changes suggested by the study groups."

"Too many times in the past we have seen a lot of talk, even some engagement with certain groups, only to see nothing done in the aftermath. Ideas get shelved or sent back for 'further study', or just plain ignored if they don't fall into that government's agenda."

"In my opinion, to carry on as before and pretend to be restructuring the system without this engagement of the interested parties is tantamount to political suicide for the new premier as any changes will be seen as 'business as usual' with a different face at the top. This will simply add to voter discontent or even worse - apathy. If the government is truly concerned about the state of voter apathy then business as usual is the last thing that should be happening. As it is said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time is insanity."

"Given the current level of voter participation it is vital that the government shows they are improving the way business is done in Victoria. The latest talk about lowering the voter age is seen as some kind of magic bullet for improving voter participation, but the fact is that voters of all ages are becoming increasingly disenfranchised with the current legislature."

"The only way to have better voter turnout is to have better politicians governing in a better way. Then perhaps the respect for politics and politicians in BC will climb out of the abyss they have found themselves in and we might see more people at the polls," concluded Bloomfield.

About the Green Party of BC

The Green Party of BC is the only major party in BC today with no debt. A Green economy would run on the principles of triple-bottom-line accounting, rewarding organizations and individuals that practise environmental, social and economic sustainability and aligning government expenditure decisions with citizens' wishes.



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