Tuesday December 28, 2010



Red Alert: Time To Outlaw Styrofoam

The three-R's shouldn't be practiced by the public alone

Submitted by Myrtle Macdonald, RN


1. Please make an effort to outlaw use of Styrofoam, or find a way to recycle it into useful manufactured goods.


2. Whatever is wrong with putting tissue paper and gift wrappings into the alternate paper bins?

3. Colored paper advertising stuffed into our newspapers, seem equally dangerous, filling land fills and polluting air. It is cry wolf two or more times a week. It is hypocritical coaxing to buy what we can't afford. It not only pollutes everything but also breaks down integrity.

4. Please force the Hospital and Home Care to cut back 75% on paper and plastic wrappings. When I was a young RN we used cloth wrappings for sterilizing supplies in an autoclave. The cloth wrappings were reusable hundreds of times. We sharpened and reused needles. We patched, autoclaved and reused latex and plastic gloves. One time use of all these expensive supplies is ridiculous.

Huge overflowing land fills are only a small part of the horrific consequences of waste.

Air pollution is dangerous to all systems of the human body.

Opening paper wrappers over a dressing tray, drops tiny particles which are contaminating to the sterile field. No wonder there is an increase in wound infections.

All RNs and Physicians please heed this as a Red Alert.


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