Wednesday August 16, 2017 


Ryder Lake Grape

Sale Tale

Flea market Aug 19 and senior talent competition

Peter Whitlock, RLFI, president


veryone is obviously expecting great weather for the Annual Ryder Lake Flea Market on Saturday August 19 from 9 to 3.


Based on the number of inside and outside tables booked we are going to have enough room inside for everyone to spread out a bit. If you booked an inside table and would like more room you can have up to three tables for the price of one.


If you have not booked your table yet and would like to let me know ASAP as inside space will fill up quickly with this sale price. Outside space is not limited. Coffee available by the truckload.


Telus Meeting  at the Hall

Ryder Lake residents are close to joining the modern age. Telus is visiting Ryder Lake August 26 3-5pm with a high-speed access form in hand for residents to endorse which will take about 5 minutes to fill out and they'll be fielding questions.


Talent Show

Can you sing? Can you juggle? Can you cook it? Then the Senior Talent Fall Show at GW Graham School. Looking for seniors to help move the show along. If interested, please contact Tony via e-mail here.

Wanted to Rent

Looking for suite for rent, preferably self contained laundry. 1 or 2 bedroom. Single mom with 3 year old daughter looking to re-settle in the area. Non-smoker, non drinker, no pets, employed and looking for a place immediately. Please contact Ashley (604) 378 4750



As per our phone conversation, my family is relatively new to Ryder Lake and are experiencing our first lack of well water. I have obtained access to the Bailey Road water station through the city, but now need something to fill with water! I wonder if there is any sort of community sharing program or if anyone in the community has a tote for lending or renting?

If anyone can be of some help, please let me know at your earliest convenience. Contact Paul via his website


Leak Detector Device

Ryder Lake Grape: The Harders have a leak in their cistern and are looking for a leak detector device. If anyone has such a creature or know where one is gathering dust you can e-mail them at dharder<@>


Repeat: Internet en masse

"Telus will be at the hall from 12-2 on August 26 , 2017 to start the collection process of all interested parties for services. I will also be sending out the form we need signed by everyone interested. It would be nice to show a massive community support for this ! We can make this happen as the data team is here only for a few more months we need to push this thru or we as a community will have to wait 20 years or so for this to come around again."




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