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Veterans and RCMP look for super annuity funds

John Labelle, VAC/Voice file photo


MP Peter Stouffer and John Labelle Super Annuity Coordinator.


e appreciate your gratitude and respect displayed towards Military/RCMP veterans and their families. Veterans believe that under your leadership it is time that the Conservative Party initiate action to solve this unfair, unjust CPP clawback issue that affects the welfare of our very senior veterans and their families at a time in their lives when they should be enjoying the pension they have fully paid for in more ways than one.


Military/RCMP Personnel are a different government provider. Unlike other segment of the population they often work in deplorable conditions without over time pay. What price tag can be placed on the voluntary services we ask our spouses to perform while we serve our country Canada. Consider the loss of our spouses employment income opportunities as a result of many operational moves. Many posting led to the loss of their spousal CPP benefits. They often faced extended family separation with elevated level of stress while maintaining a family on their own. The unavailability to celebrate Aanniversaries, birthdays, family gatherings, just to name a few.

Sir, You are well aware of the issue. Bill C-201 should have been allowed to continue its forward movement. As the new Conservative Leader, you have an opportunity to stand up and speak in favour of this outstanding issue at no cost to the tax payers. This issue has been reviewed for the past twelve (12) years.


It is time for you to get involved and move this most important veteran issue forward. Today many of our veterans are in their eighties. Now that their service to Canada is no longer required, will you stand up for Military/RCMP veterans and their families? Can veterans and their families depend on your leadership to initiate corrective action so that their services can be recognized and acknowledged?

A reply from you would be appreciated and distributed.


For more information, e-mail John Labelle here.



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