Friday August 25, 2017 


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It's Just My Luck

Next best thing to winning is reading about the winners

By Loto 649


Columbo Rouleau holds an oversized cheque for $7 million.


olombo Rouleau went from being a blue collar worker to a rich man in the blink of an eye.

"I checked the ticket ten times; I'm the lucky winner," said Rouleau in a release last week.


Rouleau usually buys group tickets. While he was at the convenience store, the cashier asked him if he wanted a Lotto 6/49 ticket.

Rouleau replied that he wasn't lucky and that he never won. The cashier finally convinced him to buy a ticket.


Sunday morning, Rouleau saw that the winning ticket was purchased in his region, so he went to validate his that afternoon.

When he returned, he excitedly told his spouse the good news. She didn't believe him, and neither did anyone else he shared the news with."


After a recent premonition, he chose to purchase a ticket on his own rather than with a group.

When he discovered that he had won the $7 million jackpot, Mr. Rouleau didn't sleep all night.

The winner added that the timing of this big win couldn't be better and that he plans on retiring immediately.

Rouleau intends on purchasing a new car, house and personal watercraft with his hefty winnings.

The big winner wants to let the dust settle a bit before making any big purchases, though.

"For me, money does bring happiness. It will allow me to have a certain financial security, which in turn will mean I'll be less anxious about the future," said Rouleau in an emotional moment.


The retailer will receive a 1% prize of $70,000.


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