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Up in Arms Over Super Annuity

An open letter to the PM Trudeau on behalf of military and RCMP veterans

Written by John Labelle, courtesy of Claude Latulippe, ret. Chilliwack/Voice file photos


Chilliwack veterans march down Vedder Rd. to MP Mark Strahl's .in protest of the super annuity issue with the federal government. Below, Claude Latulippe.

he Committee has attempted on numerous occasions to communicate with you but our mail does not reach your desk.


You are urgently requested to initiate an Executive white paper memo to the Commissioner of the Canadian Pension and Appeal Board to remedy this long outstanding Military/RCMP veterans CPP pension deduction at age 65, or sooner, if in receipt of a CPP disability pension.


This unjust/unfair deduction affects the welfare of their families in their Golden Years. 


Military/RCMP veterans continue to maintain that their engagement contract was broken.

Sir, as Prime Minister of Canada you have stated: "Veterans and their families have earned our respect and gratitude." Veterans should not have to fight their government for the support and compensation they have earned.


You are requested to stand behind your words that you gave to Veterans and their Families. The Committee wishes to remind you that the Liberals voted to end this clawback on 5 separate occasions. They stand behind you!


Veterans request no retro active payments. They request no funds from the tax payers. Billion of dollars are available in our pension account to remedy the situation. This pension clawback may affect 30,000 veterans over the age of 65.


Local veterans sing the national anthem outside MP Mark Strahl's office on Vedder Rd.


Serving personnel and veterans are furious that the Government of Canada is able to solve other unpleasant issues and provide financial assistance other countries. Then it denies Military/RCMP Veterans their earned and paid for pension at no cost to the tax payers. The morale of our Forces was second to none. It has now deteriorated to a level where less than 30% of our recruits re-engage after their first contract in the Canadian Forces. It is a know fact that how Canada treats it veterans reflect on the recruitment of new personnel.

Chilliwack women veterans at protest rally, Nov 6, 2017. Below, MP Mark Strahl and veterans at the mess hall following Nov. 11, 2015 ceremonies.


Military/RCMP personnel are a different government provider. Unlike other segment of the population they often work in deplorable conditions. What price tag can be placed on the voluntary services we ask our spouses to perform while we serve our country Canada. Consider the loss of our spouses employment income opportunities as a result of many operational moves. Many postings led to the loss of their spousal CPP benefits.


They often faced extended family separation with elevated level of stress while maintaining a family on their own. The unavailability to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, family gatherings, just to name a few.

Prime Minister, you must stand behind your words given to veterans and their families. Today many of our veterans are in their eighties. 130 Veterans die daily. This past year our committee lost 4 close homebase veterans.


They had accumulated over 140 years of service. Where are the Leaders who will remember the sacrifices Military/RCMP veterans and their families have given to the service and protection of Canada? When will Veterans be able to receive the pension protection they and their Families have paid for in more ways than one?


MP Mark Strahl shows the medal he handed out to veterans at the Vedder Legion May 2015. Below, John Labelle, Veterans Annuity Campaign, Coordinator


This veterans letter of concern needs to be placed on the Prime Minister's desk. He needs to provide a favourable reply to Military/RCMP personnel and their Families. Veterans and their Families feel cheated.



Forces personnel need to be proud again of the support and protection they provided to Canada. Veterans were prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice to Canada. Many Families gave it their all. They and their Families need to be remembered not just on Remembrance photo ops week, but throughout the year.


This CPP pension issue has been going on for far too long.

Prime Minister, we look forward to your reply, in that Military/RCMP Veterans can move on to provide more assistance to our disabled Veterans. Sir, your Leadership is required now to solve this issue, at no cost to the taxpayers.


We remain your obedient servants.




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