Saturday August 5, 2017 


Ryder Lake Grape

Blueberry Time!

Quick pick needed at Ryder Lake farm

Peter Hamilton, pres., Ryder Lake Farmers' Institute


The Berry Farm on Ryder Lake Road is looking for U-pickers.


ountries from all over the world crave Fraser Valley blueberries.


Sometimes you find a favourite spot little spot with truckloads of berries. The Berry Farm on Ryder Lake Road is one of those niche farms grown in good old fashioned Ryder Lake soil.


"The top field is suddenly prolific with berries and  they need picking," says Louise from the Berry Farm on Ryder Lake Road.


They won't weigh you in or out.


The Berry Farm

5853 Ryder Lake Rd.

U-pick $1.50/lb

Call Louise Louise at the Berry Farm 604 319 2722



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