Saturday August 5, 2017 


Letters to Ed

Making Hay

Resident says Strahl blocks in person too

Paul (last name withheld), Agassiz/File photo MP Mark Strahl


MP Mark Strahl takes a ride on the hay wagon at Heritage Park in 2014 Chilliwack Fair.


gnoring people is nothing new for for trying to deal with Mark Strahl. In my opinion he's one of the worst MP's to represent the area's of B.C. I have lived and voted in.


In my opinion it is not only "Online" Mark has a problem with but letters and emails as well. If you try to contact him with your questions, remarks and thoughts it had better be in his line of thinking or you will be ignored. I must admit that I have not recently tried to contact him as I have no use for a politician who does not represent his constituents even when he may not agree with them. His job is to represent the public within his jurisdiction to listen and give them representation in Parliament.

Three times in the past, and earlier in Marks much questionable appointment as Chilliwacks MP, I tried to question our Conservative Government through Mark and two letters and an email were never responded to. I agree one contact was somewhat critical of a Conservative decision but two more contacts were questions to further understand Conservative policy and idea's. I did on one occasion get to question him in person and he suggested he had to do some research on my question and then suggested I put it in writing for follow up. That was over two years ago and still no reply.

It is not only myself that Mark has either avoided or not stood up for but we all remember the time Mark thought Veterans were not worth the time and effort to stand up for them. He learned a lesson there.

I think until Mark can be replaced by someone who truly wants to represent the people of Chilliwack, Mark will continue to avoid his responsibilities. The time for people to speak up and be heard will be after a Conservative Leader is chosen and I for one will be asking for an MP who is willing to represent his constituents.



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