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Finders Keepers

Treasure Hunters show off latest items

Staff/Submitted photos


3rd Place ( l to r) Mark Lewis - gold tooth, 1st Place Bob Glover - man's silver native ring, 2nd Place Dennis Augustynowicz - 1998 50 Kopeck Russian Coin.

ave you ever dreamt about finding the the illusive El Dorado? Well you likely won't find that, but you may find some gold items long lost by owners.

Each month Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters (FVTH) get together and show off items they found while sweeping areas with metal detectors.

FVTH is careful and respect all areas. For example: if they locate an object under grass, they'll dig down deep enough to capture all the grass roots and plug the hole back up without the spot turning brown.

They go group hunts and get together for pot lucks and have a lot of fun.

Sometimes the clubs gets a call out for help locate a lost wedding ring or necklace. Sometimes more than not they come up with it.

After the latest heat spell, founder Mark Lewis said the weather plays a factor and finds dried up a bit, but the finds were quality.

"Had a great meeting this past Tuesday, but not too many items were found in July. It was mainly because of the brown grass," said Lewis. "So hunting spots are far and few between right now. It will starting raining next month."

1st Place ( Center) Bob Glover - Man's silver Native ring
2nd Place ( Left ) Dennis Augustynowicz - 1998 50 Kopeck Russian Coin....
3rd Place ( Right ) Mark Lewis - Gold Tooth

Want to get in on the fun? Learn more about FVTH on the web here.

Contact Mark via e-mail here.

Watch a 3 minute Youtube clip here.



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