Tuesday August 22, 2017 


Once Upon a Game

Huskers continue to struggle

By Blake Roberts. BC Football Conference, Voice photo


Huskers play last year at Townsend Park in Chilliwack.


eek four is in the books, and what was expected to be a 4 team race may or may not be shaping up to be one of the 3 team variety. In a reversal of last week, all three home teams won this weekend, and all in dominating fashion. Let's break down the week that was, and the one coming up, plus a bit more.


The Okanagan Sun pummeling of the Valley Huskers* was largely expected, although the 71 points the Sun put up was more than I thought they would manage. Sun head Ben Macauley and his staff took moderate heat online for the scoreboard, but he was rotating players early in the second half. The issue that the Sunís depth being greater than the Huskers depth, and the Huskers defense being on the field as much as it was, conspired to make a rout inevitable.


The Huskers ďare what we thought they wereĒ as former Arizona Cardinalís coach Dennis Green would say. In fact, they probably arenít as good as we anticipated or hoped they might be. Still, as crazy as this might sound after a team loses 71-,7 there is reason to feel positive about the prospects in Chilliwack.


As someone who has been around this conference over 25 years, and has seen scores like this before, I can say this Huskers team looks vastly different than other clubs Iíve seen lose by a similar score. Their bench looked better coached, and they definitely have talent, just not enough to compete with the upper echelon teams in the conference.

The players held their composure as well as could be expected as the score got further out of hand. If Bob Reist can convince his players that getting punched in the mouth for a year, or two will build their character and if they trust in him to bring in more talent like he accomplished in year one, that club is going to be a play-off team.

The Week Ahead
The Huskers are looking strictly for moral victories in Westshore. The struggling Rams have lost at Hillside once before, and as much as they need this one and are capable of beating the Broncos, its hard to feel good about them based on their play the last couple weeks. The undefeated Sun will march into Caledonia and head into the Labour Day break 5-0.

Thanks to long time BCFC member and historian Paul Shortt for all his useful information. We missed sharing his 55 Yard Line column last week but want to pass a long a couple tidbits from it.

Are you watching BCFCTV? Each game is $10, and can watch live or on demand as often as you want until 11PM Sunay night. Pay the $15 for the all three- game package. It's a great deal, AND the teams appreciate the revenue.

Speaking of BCFCTV, thanks to conference VP Tyler McLaren and former conference Prez Paul Shortt for handling the play by play and colour commentary this weekend in Westshore. Bad news for them is they were actually very good, which means we will be calling on them again.

This column is for opinion purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the British Columbia Football Conference or its teams.


One of the advantages all the BCFC teams have is their small city settings generally means the team bonds are greater than a junior team in a big city where the players are more spread out. That bond is going to be critical for the team this year.

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