Tuesday August 15, 2017 



Fight Club

Huskers continue to give it their best shot

Blake Roberts, BCFC

Voice file photo.


uskers head coach Bob Reist never made any promises as to what sort of record his club would compile this year, and while prognosticators had his club finishing last, the Huskers were feeling the love as a club that would be vastly improved this season.


On paper, at least that hasn't been the case as the club sits 0-3, and has been outscored 120 to 8. They head to the Apple Bowl this weekend to face the Sun, and one can only imagine the pre-game speech Reist gives to his charges for this one. If "character building" and "future" were words the Huskers coach used at the start of the season when addressing his players, they will want to remember that this weekend.


Reist might want to pick up the phone to Westshore Rebels assistant John Cardilicchia for advice this weekend. When Cardilicchia took over as head coach of the Rebels in the late 1998, his club took it on the chin in a big way from the Sun. The next three seasons he had his club going toe to toe with the BCFC flagship club from the Okanagan.


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