Friday August 18, 2017 


Fuel on the Fire

Is Horgan prompting violence?

By Staff/Voice file photo


John Horgan and Carole James at Decades Coffee in the run up to the election.


s Premier John Horgan prompting riots and violence by giving his blessing to anti-racism protestors in his release below? Here he indicates how he hates one side and is soft on the other. It's carefully worded but no mention that "for every action there is an equal reaction." So why not condemn both sides? He didn't come across as an idiot when I interviewed him twice. What happened? And this guy is the premier. There should be a riot in Victoria.


This came out this afternoon with thanks the to the NDP. It's blah, blah, blah, yes we know—until you get to the last paragraph. What's going to happen in Vancouver? Local mainstream media has been chanting non-stop about the US racism issues. Are they responsible for instigating violent encounters here in order to generate news? So, not to be left out, Vancouver people want a taste of Charoltesville too. If they can do it, we can do it?


Horgan can do a hell of a lot better. Racists aren't going to fight themselves. They're girding for a confrontation. Remember when Tom Campbell was Vancouver mayor and the Mounted Police rode their horses down Water St pushing out the junkies? That was big news. Mark my words, because of Horgan's remarks watch for horses this time too.


As follows:

Premier John Horgan released the following statement about a rally by hate groups taking place on Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017 in Vancouver:

“Hate has no place in our province. We reject all forms of racism, discrimination, intolerance and bigotry.

“Recent events and images from Charlottesville, Virginia were horrifying, and hateful rhetoric is on the rise worldwide. While many British Columbians want to believe such brazen acts of hatred could not happen here, the reality is that hate groups also organize and operate in Canada.

“When these forces rise up, we must stand united and denounce them in the strongest possible terms. We reject the values and beliefs of those groups which participate in, and advocate for, hate speech. They have no place in a tolerant and inclusive society.

“When we are confronted by hate, we all have a responsibility to take action. We will continue to stand up for the values shared by the vast majority of British Columbians: equality, inclusiveness and unity.

“To those who are participating in anti-racism counter-events in Vancouver and across the province, we support you and wish you a safe and peaceful demonstration.”

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