Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gravel Grapes

Deroche Dilemma

Tempers flare over mine allegedly not meeting permit obligations

Submitted by Frank Marasco, Deroche


ith the Fraser Valley quickly being over-run with open mining (gravel pits, primarily in southern Aldergrove and Mission- Deroche areas) and tandem dump-trucks, the request for yet another large Gravel pit becomes even more relevant.

I recently received a letter from the FVRD and notice of a meeting for concerned people for Sept 5-2013 at the FVRD Deroche Office.

My first thought was that it is just another meeting where evidence and fact will once again be ignored and the permit will be issued no matter what people's opinion, the dept of the Environment or Department of Mines may think.

The fact that the FVDR ignores peoples opinions for environmental and health safety is a documented fact from meetings in Aug 2012 and Oct 2012.

Evidence was presented to the FVRD in Aug. Ignored at the Oct meeting and a permit granted for Ekset followed. ( hence my first thought when I received this most recent letter. )

I understood that the FVRD recommended a permit with a few stipulations.

Since almost a year has expired I see that the FVRD's requests have been ignored to date. 3 of the requests include:

a water station to be built to clean the trucks exiting Norish Creek before they meet Bell Rd. This has not been done.

extend the pavement up Norish Creek service rd to the mine entrance. This has not been done.

to maintain a clean rd where Bell and Norish Creek meet. This is done ONLY when I phone and complain that the dirt is thick and abusive again. It does not get clean when there is excess mud and debris.

I must admit I am unaware as to any timeline that may be involved, but it would be ridiculous to think that these requests were to be completed when the new pit was in full operation since the filling of the old pit was started long before last summer and the first meeting and the new pit was started when the first tree was cut (they are all cut at the moment).

The first equipment arrived and commencement for the new pit was started last winter.

Dump trucks were being utilized continually since last year with several hundred a week now in and out every day.

It would seem that the wash station, asphalt buffer and water truck would be used for the trucks but obviously Ekset has not attempted to do any of this on their own and there is nothing accomplished unless they are requested to wash the road.

I question the FVRD's awareness of Eksets lack of compliance, deceit and flagrant disregard toward FVRD's requests.

I question whether the FVRD follows up on their requests and whether they care about the mining companies lack of moral compliance.

The above points are just 3 simple requests that Ekset has not followed up with.

The fact of lying to the FVRD at last Octobers meeting , dumping of rubber, metal, wood, plastic and chemicals into the old pit to be buried, and the falsifying of documents by way of ignorance toward their duties is documented below.

I know for a fact that Ekset doesn't follow up on what they are requested to do....Legally by Law, and rarely by personal request.

Search Google for ' Ekset ' and see where they have historically failed and where they continue to fail and defy court orders.


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