Sunday, August 11, 2013


Good News Story

Samaritan saves memories

Submitted by Dave and Karen Baxter, Chilliwack


Dave and Karen Baxter stop for a snapshot at Rainbow Falls at Harrison Lake.


hope there is more people in the world like these people.


I was out in  my boat on Harrison Hot Springs Lake and I stopped at a spot called rainbow falls. We took some pictures and then we left.


We saw some other nice people come as we were leaving. When we left, and were gone onto the lake about 20 minutes, a boat came up near us telling us that me left my camera laying on a log.


I never even knew that I had left it.


Thank you very much.


There was many pictures and videos on my camera that could not have been replaced. I do not know your names, but thank you very much from all the family; Dave and Karen Baxter and friends.



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