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Empowered by Horses offers life-changing course for girls

Released by Carla Webb, Empowered By Horses


s we move into fall, many young girls are not looking forward to going back to school. Not just because it means hunkering down to school work but because of feeling they may not be good enough or somehow appear different. Some may experience bullying or exclusion.


These feelings can be debilitating for young girls causing them to lose interest in school, isolate, and even suffer depression.


With social media and cell phones the situation seems so much worse than when I was a student. In a previous newsletter I shared my feelings of isolation in high school and how alone I felt. Perhaps you as a parent have shared similar experiences. This is one of the reasons I created the Bold and Brilliant Program (see below for full description).

All programs under the Empowered By Horses umbrella create an environment where girls feel they have a place to belong. Young women develop resilience and a strong sense of who they are when they know they have friends, family and mentors who care for and support them. Bold and Brilliant is the flagship for this model.

The feedback we have received over the years is overwhelmingly positive. Most recently I spoke with a mom who was inspired to see her daughter, a Bold and Brilliant graduate, support another young girl who was being bullied. Bold and Brilliant not only offers the participant resilience and confidence but develops community thinking and leadership qualities.

Bold and Brilliant is one of our most powerful programs. It is a life changing experience for girls. The skills they learn and practice enable them to thrive in all areas of life and realize their true unbridled potential.

Please take a few moments to learn more about Bold and Brilliant (below).



About the Bold and Brilliant Program

The premise of this life changing program is to provide girls with valuable skills, tools and experiences that will empower and inspire them to realize their full potential.

The Bold and Brilliant Program is three days long. Days one and two take place on a weekend while day three occurs one month later.

Day One: The girls get firsthand experience in how to set strong boundaries and effective ways to communicate their needs. By role playing and practice (with the horses) they familiarize themselves with what it is like to stay true to their values while in a group setting. They learn how to say no to peer pressure, how to walk away from a bully and courageously say yes to positive choices.

Day Two: Participants practice making informed decisions while successfully solving problems. The valuable SODA Method© (Situation, Options, Decision, Action) was created by Empowered By Horses and encourages participants to consult their intelligences (mental, emotional and physical) in arriving at their decisions.

Day two concludes with an expressive art activity that reflects the weekend experiences. Expressive arts provide a dynamic impact that helps the girls deepen the connection to their inner power and confidence.

Day Three: This event occurs one month after the first two days. The girls get reacquainted with the learned skills as well as time to debrief the changes and challenges experienced over the past month. In the afternoon moms are invited to participate. The focus will be on the girls teaching them the “SODA” method©.

Following the completion of the third day participants will receive a Bold and Brilliant gift basket. This includes a beautiful horse journal designed by artist Jody Bergsma, an Empowered By Horses T-shirt, a framed photo of each participant and her favorite horse, and a DVD copy of the Black Stallion.

It is difficult to put into words the positive impact that this type of program can have on a young person: the power they find within themselves can be life changing. As is often the case with young people, the degree to which any experience influences or empowers them may not be fully noticed until months or years down the road. It is similar to planting a seed that with time, space and nurturance continues to grow and flower into a strong and beautiful tree. We believe that this is the case with the Bold and Brilliant Program.

Please join us for the next Bold and Brilliant Program:

August 24 - 25 (third day in September TBD)
Space is limited to 8 participants with a few spots still available.
the tuition is $497 (plus tax)
sign up a second daughter for $249 (plus tax)

Register here.


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