Friday, August 2, 2013

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We're Jammin'

An evening of country classics Sept 7

Submitted by Rod Hudson, CCAC


od and Marnie Kidder have been hosting the Chilliwack Senior Recreation Centre Jam Session for the past 5+ years every Saturday evening.


They have seen an increase over the years of local talent, in all levels of ability, from  beginners, to the seasoned musicians.

We are always happy to have an audience who feel comfortable to sing along, dance or just to tap their toes.

On any given evening we have between 8 – 18 musicians attending, and we have a ball. We encourage acoustic musicians to come out and bring your acoustic instruments, and play along with us.

Every year we have performed for the Chilliwack  Senior Recreation Centre members for Christmas, Easter, Valentines functions, which they really enjoyed.

Our musicians are always happy to sing and play to an appreciative audience, and wished that it could be done more.

So, it is an natural extension, to do a “Classic Country Music in the Park” , On Saturday September 7, at Chilliwack Central Community Park, from 4-8 pm we will be providing Local Country Talent for the country enthusiasts . If the weather does not co-operate we will be across the street at the Rec Centre indoors.

There will be a core band made up from the regular jammers with  performances by the rest of the Saturday jammers to be showcased at this time.

Have you got a hankering to learn to play guitar in a friendly setting or do you just want to strum along with people who like acoustic country music? Then come on down to the Chilliwack Senior Recreation Centre, located at 9400 College Street, every Saturday evening, be tuned up and ready to start at 7pm.

Contact Rod or Marnie for any further information 604-792-1168


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