Friday, August 2, 2013


Better Biking

Police begin bicycle safety campaign

Released by RCMP UFVRD Cpl. Len vanNieuwenhuizen


n response to Community concerns the police in the Upper Fraser Valley are commencing a bicycle safety awareness campaign.


"We have seen an increase in people cycling this summer. With the advent of beautiful weather, we have more recreational cyclists, more people cycling to work, and with school starting in less than a month, we want to educate cyclists, especially our youth, to travel safely," advises Cpl. Len vanNieuwenhuizen.


Police wish to educate and remind the public that when you operate a bicycle the same rules of the road apply as if you were operating a car. Cyclists must ride on the right side of the road and not ride on the side walk. When cycling at night bicycles are required to have a white light in front and a red light on the back. Cyclists are also encouraged to wear reflective clothing to be as visible as possible. Violations of any of these regulations will result in a $109 fine.

Most importantly cyclists are required to wear a helmet.

“Broken arms and legs can mend fairly well. A broken skull can be fatal. Therefore we will be diligent in enforcing this requirement” states Cpl. vanNieuwenhuizen. “ I cycle to work myself and I love it but our roads are busy and the rules of the road need to be followed to ensure your safety.”

The fine for failing to wear a helmet is $29. Coincidentally approximately the price of a good bike helmet. 

Should you have any questions or require more information on Bicycle Safety please visit the Crime Prevention Services office at 45877 Wellington Avenue or call at Ph. 604-393-3000.



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