Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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2013 general election finance reports available

Released by Elections BC


he 2013 General Election financing reports of candidates, registered political parties, registered constituency associations, and election advertising sponsors are available for public inspection at Elections BC, Suite 100 - 1112 Fort Street, and on the Elections BC website.


The reports must be filed with the Chief Electoral Officer within 90 days after a provincial election.  The filing deadline for the reports was 4:30 p.m. on August 12, 2013.  The reports include expenses of each filer and information regarding contributions they received.


Elections BC’s Financial Reports and Political Contributions system allows the public to search and download political contribution data and view scanned images of financial reports filed under the Election Act, and the Recall and Initiative Act.

Scanned reports

• Candidates - http://bit.ly/19tBknF

• Political Parties - http://bit.ly/17YdfC9

• Constituency Associations - http://bit.ly/1706ORV

• Election Advertising Sponsors - http://bit.ly/17YdkFO


S-A1 political contribution data

•  Candidates - http://bit.ly/14PPzOl

•  Political Parties - http://bit.ly/1dmx6Rr

• Constituency Associations - http://bit.ly/12j7Hn8

Reports for the following were not filed by the deadline established by the Election Act.  The reports may be filed by September 11, 2013 with a late filing fee of $500.






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