Wednesday, August 1, 2012


BC Politics

Dix Pipeline Tricks

Liberals accuse NDP leader of waffling on heavy oil

Released by the BC Gov''t Caucus


n the dawn of Adrian Dix's 'Political Pipeline Tour' of the Northern Gateway project, Chilliwack MLA John Les is highlighting the top three inconsistencies in Dix's position.


1. New BC oil refineries - On CKNW (July 11, 2012) Adrian Dix confirmed he supported building new refineries in British Columbia to process heavy oil, yet he is against the primary delivery mechanism for refineries, pipelines.

2. Tanker moratorium - Today, there are nearly 1,200 tanker trips annually along B.C's west coast despite the moratorium Dix references as key reason for opposing the NGP.

3. Kinder Morgan's proposed pipeline - Kinder Morgan plans to more than double the capacity of its existing pipeline to carry heavy oil from Alberta to Burnaby. This pipeline has the same inherent risks of the NGP, yet Dix refuses to take a stand on the project.

"These inconsistencies are not surprising since Adrian Dix's NGP position was built in partnership with federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair," said MLA Les. "Dix's tour of the NGP route is nothing more than political show-boating. He can't stand for B.C. while taking his orders from Ottawa."

Last week, our government outlined five bottom-line requirements that must be met to consider supporting heavy oil pipelines that combine environmental safety with our fair share of fiscal and economic benefits.

"Adrian Dix is playing both sides of the fence regarding heavy oil. If you're against the NGP you're against building heavy oil refineries and Kinder Morgan's proposed heavy oil pipeline," said Les. "Swiss cheese has fewer holes than Adrian Dix's inconsistent opposition of the NGP."



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