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Bales Wants NDP Nod for Abby-Mission

FVRD Director to throw her hat into the nomination ring

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ear area friends and residents,

I have been asked by some area constituents to run for the provincial election and after some serious thought I am planning to seek the NDP riding nomination for my /our area of Abbotsford / Mission that also includes areaís G, F, and part of C.


The last 4 and a half + years of local government has been a great way to get my feet wet and to realize that I can do the work, stand up for the people in the riding against the odds and still hold on to my core values. Local government has been good training value for the taxpayers if I do get the support for the provincial level of government. I have served on several committees (2 provincial ones) and that helps as well. I continue to work towards the best outcome and interest for the majority of the people. I will be able to stay on as an FVRD director while I run for the provincial riding. So I can continue to serve at the local level.

As an elected rural Director of the FVRD I have been Non Partisan and have appreciated the support that I have had from people in all parties. I have been involved in many different grass roots issues as a resident and later with local government. Those that know me, know that I have a strong commitment to sustainable environmental values. Values that also support converting to real long term green economies that are based on more renewable resources as well as more proactive preventive measures and conservation.

Timely inclusive freedom of information and more inclusive public consultation have been very important to democracy, me and I would say also to Dennis Adamson who is also running in the Chilliwack riding (more info on that below).

I have felt compelled to run because of the many serious issues that can only be addressed at the higher levels of governments, some of which I have already been involved in.

No doubt about it, it will take a lot of hard work just to be able to have a chance at winning the riding nomination. I am already well on my way towards that goal. Other people who intend to run have a head start at gathering support. Because there is a 90 day waiting period before new members can vote, I will be looking to sign up any NDP supporters as members ASAP in order to have a realistic chance as a nominee. If any of you live in my riding or the Chilliwack riding please think about signing up as a member in order to vote for a choice of the riding nomineeís. (Maps links are below) If you donít live in these riding you can help by talking to people that you know in them about considering signing up.

Who runs for each party is usual voted on by just a few hundred people. So be part of that choice in the party that you support for your riding (hopefully NDP)! With that in mind I have attached the NDP form that you can fill in and join, you could mail in yourself.. If you have questions about the form you can phone me or Dennis Adamson. Contacts are below.

Get in touch to learn more about the policies of the NDP and the policies that I support, and to sign up as a member if you canít print a form I will deliver one. You will still have time to scrutinize all candidates before making your final choice. Some ridings have already chosen their candidates.

If you feel that you need more info phone and chat. I will update my webpage continually as there is time;

You can also support by liking my Facebook page;!/pages/Wendy-Bales/279597722060644    

NDP Constitution    

The basic constitution has good values with room for some interpretation, policy updates, and the rest is up to a majority of who gets elected to work in the best interest of the people!  

Riding Map for Mission Abbotsford area C, F and G

There is still time for members to decide who you think will be the best nominee for candidates, but there is only a small window of time to sign up for these 2 ridings in order to have a vote in choosing the NDP riding representative. So I hope that some of you will consider joining the NDP and supporting me as the candidate.

I would also like to put in a good word for Dennis Adamson who is also running as a candidate for the NDP in the Chilliwack riding that is currently held by John Les. I will include his contact and riding info below. I think that Dennis has shown that he is a man to stand up for the people and that he has real democratic values.

Any networking help or small donations towards the nomination fees and other expense are also greatly appreciated as we are running on shoe string budgets. But the immediate concern is getting people to support good candidates in all possible ridings. Thanks for getting involved in whatever way you can, and thank-you to all that have already signed up!


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