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Mamma Mia Is Right!

Glitches leave some ticket holders fuming

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ama Mia came and went Friday at Prospera Centre, and although the show was sensational, the facility was not, leaving some people steaming mad at management.


According to Paul (last name withheld) seeing the Broadway production at Prospera Centre was a huge mistake and he'll never go to a show there again.


The problem was that on the warmest night of the year, there was no air conditioning. Zilch.


Paul said that both he and his wife literally melted inside the rink with no air, sitting in unbearable conditions soaking wet and crammed shoulder-to-shoulder with other patrons in their $160 seats.


He said when he wanted to get water, he ended up going to the kitchen and staff was kind enough to give him a glass of water.


There were some other issues such as tickets to floor seats that were printed in double causing much confusion.


Also, when people pay the big dollars for a show they actually want to view the performance.


"The floor seats were terrible," he said. "We couldn't see anything."


According to Paul, many seats emptied after intermission simply because the heat was too much to bear.


"The people behind us just left. It was sheer torture and we want our money back."


Much ado was made in local print media about the additional seats being added, but no there was no word about staging a second show, which for many would have been the preferred way to go.


Hindsight is 20-20.


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