Sunday, August 19, 2012


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Paramount Persuasion

City staff recommend group's plan be rejected, herald own plan

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hilliwack City Hall and council will have some news on Tuesday that Friends of the Paramount may not want to hear their business plan for the iconic Paramount Theatre at 46187 Yale Rd. has been rejected by staff, who recommend the City save the building as a "civic facility" and develop their own business plan for the remediation, restoration and long term management of the building.

Councillors will vote on the package Tuesday, and it is expected that they will go with staff recommendations.

Friends of the Paramount organizers will undoubtedly be disappointed that their proposal has been rejected by City staff, but they can take solace knowing that the City is interested in saving the theatre from the wrecker's ball and return it to the community.

It's not clear what kind of activity will happen inside once the City takes over the historic building and once remediation, restoration and a long-term management strategy for the building has been implemented.

The passionate individuals who worked on the business plan can go to sleep at night knowing that they did everything they could to pursue their dream.

Friends of the Paramount could not be reached for comment.


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