Tuesday, August 21, 2012


BC Politics

By-election Spending Spree

Elections BC administers $3M fine to the BCGEU for skirting rules

Released by the BC Liberal Communications


oday, BC Liberal MLA John Les called on the BCGEU to admit they broke third party election advertising limits in the by-elections this past April instead of appealing Election BC's $3 million fine.


"It's no secret the BCGEU would prefer to have a BC NDP government, but that's no excuse for breaking the rules," said Les. "When the by-elections were called the BCGEU had a choice to pull their ads in support of the BC NDP, instead they decided the rules didn't apply to them."

The BCGEU is appealing Election BC's $3 million fine for exceeding its $3,000 spending limit by nearly $160,000 per electoral district.


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