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SPCA kennel Lock-In fundraiser a lead up to Paws for a Cause walk

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or two hours last Wednesday, life went to the dogs for a handful of local business owners, employees and even a Chilliwack city councillor who were locked into dog and cat kennels in an effort to raise money for the SPCA shelter on Hopedale Rd. during the 2nd Annual Kennel Lock-In


Councillor Jason Lum at the event and took a moment out to speak with the Voice about the event.


Each year, the local shelter holds fundraising events leading up to the Paws for the Cause walk in September.


For Lum, being in the slammer gave him a different perspective.


“This is my first year, first time in jail," Lum said.


He was holding a handful of donation forms and receipts as he worked toward his objective of $1000.


"I'm about half way to my goal right now."


Lum gets his inspiration to help the shelter from his wife Sheila who has been the community care council chair for the SPCA for just over a year.


The Community Care Council chair job description involves meetings volunteering time and organizing fundraising events at the shelter on Hopedale Rd. in Greendale.


"I get rounded up sometimes to help," he said.


"It’s a great cause and if people can't get down today for the kennel lock-up, they can participate in Paws for a Cause."


Ivanna Ferris, shelter director, told the Voice that raising the kind of money needed to keep the shelter open is a process that develops over the course of the year.


“It's a lot of money to raise in one go, just at a dog walk, so we hold all of these other mini events to help us make our target,” Ferris said.


“Last year we had six participants. This year, there are 11 of us who are locked up because we love animals and we want to bring attention to "the cause" and support to the Chilliwack SPCA.”


According to Ferris, the $30,000 is only part of the expenses they incur while providing medical care to the animals. The actual cost of medically treating the animals and their spay-neuter program is around $60,000.



Joey Beltrano Coast Hotel GM (R) and Chilliwack City councillor Jason Lum decked out in their dog tees, add up their donations Wednesday.


“Almost 2000 animals each year come through our shelter, and that money is a small portion, but mostly it goes towards our medical expenses.”


Last year over 100 dogs were at the Paws for a Cause event which raised somewhere in the vicinity of $8000 boosting the total to $32,000.


Paws for a Cause is on Sunday, September 9th at Fairfield Island Park on Claire Ave. Register from 11 A.M. and the walk begins at 12 Noon. Participants can register online at


Kennel Lock-In Participants

Scott Blankley - Chilliwack Ford GM

Leanne Adderly - Starfm

Kirk Olischefski - Oly's Pet Connection

Heather Anderson - Cottonwood Mall

Lauri Yarrow - Sears Indoor Clean Air Services

Trudy McAulay - Lighnight Sportswear

Joey Beltrano - Coast Hotel GM

Jason Lum - Chilliwack City Councillor

Bonnie Oliver - Scotiabank Sardis Branch Manager

Karin Dahlman - Hub International

Ivanna Ferris - Chilliwack BCSPCA Branch Manager


For more information contact Ivanna at 604-702-8305 or e-mail here.



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