Wednesday, August 22, 2012


City Hall News
Boil Water Advisory Over

City clears water contamination issue sooner than expected

Released by Rob Carnegie, City of Chilliwack


he City of Chilliwack has advised residents of the Little Mountain/Mount Shannon area that the Boil Water Advisory issued on August 16, 2012 has been cancelled.


City water in all areas of Chilliwack is once again safe for drinking and all other domestic purposes. Residents of the Little Mountain/Mount Shannon area are advised to flush out the plumbing of their homes by running each cold water tap for a minimum of 1 minute.

As a precaution, Water in the Mount Shannon area will continue to be chlorinated until further notice. Bacteriological test results have confirmed that there is no E.coli bacteria present in the Little Mountain/Mount Shannon area water system and the water quality is well within Canadian Drinking Water Quality guidelines.

Additional information is available on the City of Chilliwack's website at

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