Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Arts Scene

The Takedown

After the show is over, after the artwork is gone

Submitted by Mary Chalmers Main, CVAA


Members of the Chilliwack Visual Artists Association remove their art from the Art Gallery at the Cultural Centre.


he end of another show for the Chilliwack Visual Artists Association (CVAA) members. Some of the artists are happy, they have sold something! It's a good feeling, some other person had seen what you saw, when you did your artwork.


More of us may be sad, or resigned; once more we are taking away our precious piece, be it sculpture, painting, photography or clay; it is coming home again unsold once more.


But we never stay despondent for long.


There is always another show, with another chance that surely someone, somewhere, sometime, will see just what we saw when we created our art, something unique and beautiful, no other like it in the whole world!


So, we're cheerful again, planning our next masterpiece, and in a secret way relieved. After all, it is difficult to part with our "children", because everything thing we create is in some sense our child.


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