Thursday August 25, 2011

Local Politics

Thompson Bows Out Of Possible Fall Election  

Urges Mahoney to run in Chilliwack-Hope riding

Submitted by Glen Thompson, Fight HST- Chilliwack / Stop HST - Chilliwack


arry Penner has called it quits. I have decided not to run for the nomination for Chilliwack - Hope due to some personal issues which are occupying most of my time.


This creates a sort of political vacuum where the only stated candidate for the riding is Dennis Adamson who is a relative unknown in Chilliwack.


There is immediate speculation that 2009 NDP candidate for Chilliwack Hope, Gwen O’Mahony will come to the rescue of the NDP to run again. Personally I would be delighted to see her seek the nomination as would most of the riding association who were so impressed by her strong showing federally.

On the HST


The Government vs. the People
I would like to personally thank Bill Vander Zalm, Bill Tieleman and Chris Delaney for running the most powerful grassroots political campaign in recent memory.

The HST permanently off loads business taxes onto consumers. Economists agree raising taxes shrinks the economy.

The BC Liberals tampered with the referendum. For example, they removed the long established requirement to report campaign contributions. They also removed all campaign spending limits.

Christy Clark has demonstrated that the BC Liberals continue to be in the sway of those who snuck in the HST. We are most confident that tomorrow, it will be announced the government has been defeated by the people.



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