Tuesday August 9, 2011


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The Magic of Murals

Artist captures imagination while adding dimension to a room

Staff/Voice/photos by M. Gonzalez


arcela Gonzalez came a long way to share her artwork with Chilliwack families. About 4-years ago, while living in her native Mexico, she met a local man on the internet and later and married him. Together with her daughter they lead a happy life in this city.

Gonzalez' major passion in life is painting. She brought with her from Mexico two decades of experience editing and illustrating children's books. Now she wants to take it to another level by painting murals on children's bedroom walls.

The 43-year-old mother usually keeps herself busy updating and taking art courses and workshops. She's studied in Mexico City at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico UNAM as the Bachelor of Visual Arts.

Gonzalez has nothing but happy clients and says that one of the best parts of the job is "seeing their smiles" once the painting is complete.

"Children's mural painting, decorating children's bedrooms, is a work relatively new," said Gonzalez in an e-mail to the Voice.

Initially, Gonzalez sits down with the client to discuss things like content and what type of paint they prefer to be used, as well as if the art will be on the just the walls or include the furniture.

"I present preliminary sketches and then we reach an agreement," she said.

Once the deal is done, Gonzalez can then begin to haul out the paints and begin to make the room a more magical place.

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