Wednesday August 31, 2011


Liberal Flim-Flam Expected

Doom and gloom predicted from BC Liberal gov't after HST failure

Submitted by Richard Harrington, Chilliwack


or many years, people have commented on the fact that many politicians are not to be trusted; that they often outright lie to suit their own needs. On the "Trustworthy scale", it can be said that politicians are the least trusted in society.


Why is this? Is this based on accurate facts or is it exaggeration?

I know from personal experience that most politicians are much more honest than people realize.

However, when you look at the recent actions of the BC Liberal government, one can understand this paranoia.

On the subject of the HST, first the Liberals made no mention of it during the 2009 election and then brought it in without consulting with the people. Now, we hear conflicting statements of how long it will take to cancel the HST and bring back the former system.

You will now be hearing Christy Clark constantly harping on the Adrian Dix legacy. You will hear her claim that Dix was a part of the so-called "NDP legacy of the 90's", with the assumption that it was a negative legacy. She has already begun this process of distortion and outright lies.

You will hear the Liberals constantly make the claim that a return to an NDP government will bring us "back" to doom and gloom.

The reality is that this is total and absolute nonsense and that the truth is far different.

However, it matters not where the truth lies; what matters to the BC Liberals is that they want to utilize the Harper-style fear mongering in the hope to instill dread and worry amongst the electorate of BC.

Personally, I don't think that the voters of BC are that stupid. I think that this Liberal attempt to distort history and to exaggerate future reality will backfire on them and actually assist in electing an NDP government in BC.

So, my hope as a New Democrat is that Clark and her cronies will continue to lie to the people and that the people will see through the "flim-flam" of this dishonest political scam.


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