Wednesday August 31, 2011



FVRD Director Adamson no slouch in riding

Submitted by Wendy Bales, FVRD Area C Director


ontrary to Glen Thompsons opinion; Dennis Adamson is an experienced, well known and liked director in the riding where he lives, and has already been locally elected in. Since he lives in Barry Pennerís provincial riding it is only logical that he runs where he lives. For similar reasons since Gwen O'Mahony lives in and is well known in the John Less riding that would be a logical place for her to run in.

Dennis Adamson is one of the hardest working politicians that I know. On top of having many communities in his area that he serves, he has also taken on many extra committees, some of which serve the whole FVRD Board.

What I appreciate most about Dennis is that there is no hidden agenda. What you see is what you get. With many politicians, too often it is hard to sort out the spin from the reality. That said, the media often donít get stories right or from both points of view.

Most important about Dennis Adamson is that he stands up and speaks for the people in his area often against the odds of the majority of the board or electoral area Directors vote, as well as corporate and provincial vote. He has proven that he is a man for the people!

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